About Me

“All of my life I call yesterday, the spicks and the specks of my life’ve gone away.”
~ ‘Spicks and Specks’, Bee Gees

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‘About me’ pages are a strange concept, the idea that you can sum up a yourself in a couple of paragraphs of writing, seems impossible to me. I shall however, endeavour to to give you a glimpse into the person that I am, starting out by using the tried and true method of the ‘Who? Where? What? and Why?’.

– Who? 
My name is Danielle and I am 18 years old. I am a Christian, a first year University student doing a Bachelor of Biological Science, I’m a reader and amateur guitar player , an avid Bee Gees fan as well as a huge Disney fan (specifically The Lion King) and my favourite colour is red. I hope to complete my study to become a biologist/zoologist focusing on animal behaviour and big cats.

– Where?
I live in the lovely state of New South Wales on the eastern coast of Australia.

– What?
This is my blog, a place where I can share my thoughts on the world and also journal some of my life.

– Why?
I have always liked the idea of keeping a journal, a place where you can document your life and your thoughts on it, a place where you can also have thoughts and opinions about the world in general. For me however, this has sadly stayed an idea. I am hopeless at keeping a journal, I have tried many times and every time I have failed.
So I have started this blog as a journal of sorts, a place where I can document important events in my life and my thoughts on them, also a place – as mentioned – where I can share my thoughts on the world. Hopefully I’ll be better at keeping this going, than all of the journals I have ever started.

I hope this has been informative enough for you and I hope that you will not use this alone to form you image of me as a person, but that you will read through my posts to get a greater understanding of who I am, that you will be able to understand me complexly.

Thanks for reading and DFTBA!

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